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Winter Skin With Suzanne Walsh

Tuesday, 24 January 2006


In the summer time sun protection is widely available but the beauty industry is not as forthcoming with wind and cold weather protection.  Suzanne Walsh joins us to show us some brilliant skin savers and remedies that will help protect your skin this winter!

Any extreme of temperature can put pressure on the skin's condition and so in winter the constant move from hot and dry centrally heated rooms into cold outside weather can put one of the biggest strains on the complexion.

Nobody would expect to go out in the winter months in summer clothes, yet even today as more and more people learn about good skin care there are still too many people using the same skin care regime all year round.  We need different requirements for our skin as the seasons change.

Top Tips
. Exfoliate less.  Gentle exfoliation once a week is plenty or if your skin is sensitive once every two weeks.  This time of year we want to hold on to every bit of protection we can.  Also most moisturisers on the market have anti-ageing properties included and most of these anti- ageing ingredients are light exfoliators so over exfoliation is very possible and has to be avoided in the colder months to avoid sensitising the skin.
. Drink water.  Swap warm cups of tea for hot water and lemon or herbal teas.  Put water bowls under radiators to prevent air drying out.  Misting plants with water spray helps to prevent the plants from pinching the moisture content in the air.
. Fake tan.  If you're looking a bit washed out or pale add some fake tan to your moisturiser to give you a year-round healthy glow.

In your moisturiser you're looking for water and oil content to hydrate and prevent dryness with calming properties and also SPF of 15 or above - that's your priority whereas anti-ageing products are more suitable for kinder milder weather.

Lancome Aqua Fusion is a great example.  It contains shea butter and palm oil and is designed to provide continuous release of moisture and hydration throughout the day.  And of course it has an SPF of 15.  

. Lancome Aqua Fusion - €36.50 - available department stores nationwide.

Wild Mango Butter by Korres is a weatherproof protection for face and lips.  An absolute gem, it's great to see a skin care company focusing on winter skin requirements.  It protects and repairs dry skin and lips exposed to climatic stress like extreme heat and cold, UV radiation, temperature variations and air conditioning.  The butter seals water and nutrients in the skin.  This product's hydrating sugar derivatives work as a moisture magnet in low humidity condition.  Ideal for outdoor activities and great for plane travellers.  The only thing it is missing is an SPF but it can be forgiven for that because it provides so much already.  Presently only available in Boots, Liffey Valley but it will soon be available nationwide. 

. Korres Wild Mango Butter - €26.10 - Boots, Liffey Valley.

Suzanne's Tip
"When given a choice between a pot of cream, pump dispenser or squeezy tube I would always go for the pump or squeezy tube.  They are more hygienic and have a longer shelf life."

Extra Protection
If you are already happy with your moisturiser but would like to add outdoor protection invest in something like Ambre Solaire.  As a nation of walkers it is important to protect our most vulnerable facial areas like the nose cheeks forehead and lips these handy little products are ideal for your coat pocket or handbag.

. Ambre Solair UV Ski SPF 25 - €9.65 - pharmacies nationwide.

Recovery Treatments
If your skin is already in trouble then you need something to repair the damage.  A firm favourite is Elizabeth Arden Eight-Hour Cream.  Again brilliant for rescuing damaged sensitive skin and can be used after shaving on the lips and face and as an eyebrow fixer.  It's also great for cuticles, dermatitis dry hair ends also for scraps and bruises and baby rashes.      
. Elizabeth Arden Eight-Hour Cream - €25 - Debenhams & Arnotts.

The Dermalogica Multi-Vitamin Power Recovery Mask is a firm favourite with all the celebs such as Jennifer Aniston, Caprice, Demi Moore and Sharon Stone.  It will rescue tired stressed skin and repair winter damage.  You'll see the difference from so-so skin to oh-so-pretty skin!

. Dermalogica Multi-Vitamin Power Recovery Mask - €38.50 - available salons nationwide.

For the eyes Estee Lauder Eye Patches totally revitalise tired puffy eyes.  They are very soothing and replenishing as it contains aloe vera and cucumber, both of which really hydrate the delicate eye area.  Easy to use, designed and shaped to fit neatly under the eye area, you just leave them on for ten minutes and you can see and feel the difference straight away!   

. Estee Lauder Eye Patches - €31.50 - Arnotts & Brown Thomas.

Suzanne's Tip
"Night time is a great time for the skin to recharge itself.  Try turning your radiator off in the bedroom as it really does make a big difference and try to make sure that you are not sleeping in any draughts.  If you really can't bear to turn the heat down, place a bowl of water under the radiator and refill regularly.

When it comes to the lips a scented or flavoured lip balm is best avoided as they only encourage us to lick our lips which actually create dryness.  If you prefer lip protection with colour try Elizabeth Arden Eight-Hour Lip Protectant which comes in six different shades.   

. Elizabeth Arden Eight-Hour Lip Protectant - €17.

A great cheaper, everyday option is:

. Neutrogena Lip Care - €3.90.

Boost Your Immune System
A healthy body equals healthy skin.  Up your vitamin intake to avoid colds and flu.  Drinking aloe vera is a great boost for the immune system.

. Aloe Vera - €26.60 - You can purchase this drink by contacting a Forever Living Distributor. 

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