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Garden Tips With Eugene - Check - Ups , Updates & Tips

Thursday, 19 January 2006


Eugene is back with us and will be checking up on the plants that he gave Anna and Blathnaid earlier on in the series.

Eugene will also be giving us an update on the seeds that he has planted on the show since the start of the series and he will also give us his top four top tips for gardening at this time of year.

Planted on The Afternoon Show
. Winter basket - 8th September 2005.
. Terracotta window display - 8th September 2005.
. Heather & plant display - 13th October 2005.
. Four sweet pea seeds - 10th November 2005.

Pretty Plants
Eugene will also be showing some of the prettiest plants of the moment and showing what's most suitable for planting at this time of year.

. Helleborus, black thorn strain - €17.25.
. Christmas box (Sarcococca Confusa) - €17.25.
. Camellia (Anticipation) - €19.95.
. Viburnum Tinus - €8.95.

Anna & Blathnaid - The Green-Fingered Daytime TV Presenters?
Anna and Blathnaid have the plants that Eugene taught them how to look after in with them today for Eugene's perusal.

Anna was responsible for a potted plant (Acorus Grass), three hyacinth bulbs and a poinsettia.

Blathnaid also received a poinsettia, a few hyacinth bulbs and she was also responsible for daffodil seeds that she was to plant with some mustard in the soil so the colour would be enhanced.

Eugene's Top Tips
. Get a temperature gauge in the garden.  We live in a micro climate, meaning there are often a few degrees difference in a relatively close space- sheltered gardens, etc.  The slightest temperature difference can totally change the best way to treat your plants.
. A good way to restock the garden is to visit garden centres every month and only buy flowers in bloom so your garden will always be in bloom.
. Eugene will demonstrate how to make a minimalist winter pot display with striking red branches in a blue pot.
. Always wash out seed trays with warm soapy water.  Seedlings are vulnerable to infections should stay in the compost in the pots they were bought in until trays are clean.

The Items
Temperature gauge - €5.65 to €17.65.
Blue glazed pot - €19.95.
Cornus Dog Wood - €2.25 approx..
Organic compost - €6.95.