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Skin Detox 

Tuesday, 10 January 2006


After all the Christmas over-indulgence many people find that their skin lacks lustre and experience a general feeling of sluggishness.  Kate Conkey will be here to talk us through some of the best home detox products guaranteed to improve skin condition and general well-being!

Because we all know that beauty comes from within.
Herbal Tinctures/tablets

Great for a general detox as it cleanses the liver, urinary tract, and tissues.
. Add hot water and sip slowly, take for 10 days. 
. Consume at night before bedtime. 
Flor-essence Liquid - €25.38 at Heath Food Shops
Especially good for skin as it flushes tissues.
Calendula Complex Drops - €9.95 at Heath Food Shops
. Dandelion Tea - Prevents water retention, bloating and the accompanying sluggishness.
Clipper Organic Dandelion Tea - €2.10 at Heath Food Shops
. Burdock - Cleanses the liver, the organ essential for all tissue detoxification.
Dr. Stewarts Skin Purifying Tea (with Burdock) - €3.30 at Heath Food Shops.
Colon Cleansers
Psyllium and Senna mixtures - according to Ayurvedic thought skin health is closely related to colonic health. Skin problems such as spots, Acne Rosacea and eczema are linked to a congested or dirty colon.   
Napier Senna and Psyllium Herbal Powder - €6.95 at Heath Food Shops
Lepicol (Psyllium and friendly gut bacteria) - €12.68 at Heath Food Shops (for longterm use)

Clay Face Masks

Look for White (Kaolin), Red and Green (Montmorillonite), 100% clay varieties. Kate recommends this Natura Organic Purifying Mask.
. Apply to cleansed skin, leave until dry to touch then rinse off.
Natura Organic Purifying Mask - €37.50 at Nourish Health Food Chain
Top Tip
Lymphatic drainage massage for face

Ideally this should be done with the application of a cleanser or moisturiser.
Pinch and drain from jaw line to earlobes where lymph glands are located.  Also pinch and drain method on cheeks all the way to meeting of cheek bone and jaw bone.

Epsom Salts
Add to your bathwater and as you lie there watch the toxins being drawn out of your skin.
Epsom Salts - 4kg tub €13.95 1kg €4.00 available pharmacies nationwide

Dry Skin Brushing
Use firm strokes moving toward heart.  Do before shower or bathing.  This is great for detoxifying and improving circulation.  Cactus bristle brushes are best.
Body Brush €14.50 The Body Shop
Top Tip
Exercise and deep breathing

This keeps blood moving, stimulates the central nervous system and flushes toxins.  As the body sweats and excretes toxins at a faster rate the skin starts to look healthier.
Yoga poses such as the headstand and downward dog are particularly good for improving skin tone as they increase circulation in the head and face area.