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Herbs With Nicky Treacy Kohler - Herbal Gift Guide

Tuesday, 13 December 2005


Nicky is giving us her gift guide for Christmas.  Are you tired of buying Gifts for people and finding that they are left lying around and never put to good use, well Nicky will be recommending some gifts that will introduce people to herbal healing!

Gift 1
Lip Balm
This is Nicky's own made Lip Balm which we made previously on the show. Nicky will discuss the ingredients and method and viewers can be directed to the website if they want to make it again. Nicky is recommending this for teenagers. It is antiviral and helps prevent and reduce cold sores.

Lemon Balm
Rose Oil

. Vaseline is melted in a double boiler or glass bowl in a saucepan.
. To melt it takes about 10 minutes on hot top (must be kept warm or it will solidify and won't work)
. Add the Lemon Balm to the Vaseline and stir the mix continuously for 15 minutes.
. Using rubber gloves, strain the herb through a stocking (pop sock) over a measuring jug.
. Wring out the mix.
. Then stir in the rose oil and pour into waiting containers.
. (This must all be done within a minute so that the Vaseline doesn't solidify).

Gift 2
Rose Hand Cream

This is a cream that we also made previously on the show. Nicky will be suggesting this for it's uplifting properties in the depth of winter.  It is a great gift for mothers that wash their hands a lot.

Gift 3
Clear Herbal Tea Pot

Nicky will be recommending giving the teapot to a friend for Christmas because it is great for making lots of medicines.  The calendula and rosehip tea is also a great present for grandmas as it has antiviral and anti-infective properties.  It is also a grEat wound healer.

Gift 4
Lavender Socks

Nicky will show how easy it is to make your own homemade lavender socks.  You simply get a pair of funky socks, put a few drops of lavender oil on the socks and gift wrap nicely.  This is a great present for aunties.

Gift 5
Milk Thistle Tablets + Dandelion Coffee
This is a great present for those of us who may over indulge from time to time.  They are a great liver support for those of us who may drink a little too much this Christmas.

Gift 6
TeaTree Oil and Rosemary Conditioner
This is a great present for school going kids because it keeps the nits at bay and rosemary is also good for stimulating the brain.  Not a great present for kids to get but great to give to parents of school going kids.

Gift 7
Chamomile Tea + Ice Lolly Tray

This is a fun present for pre school kids.  It is great for reducing hyperactivity, great for sleep and great for teething.  Older kids can also have fun making the ice lollies.

Gift 8
Large Bottle of Echinacea Root Tincture

Nicky recommends this as a great present for your dad or even for the whole family.  Echinacea is a great preventative to ward off colds and flus and is a booster to your immune system.