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Xtreme Eyelashes. . .

Tuesday, 29 November 2005


Yvonne Laird will be here to demonstrate the application of Xtreme Eyelashes (eyelash extensions), one of the big beauty talking points of this season.

Xtreme eyelashes are totally new into Ireland, they guarantee a glamorous look to last right through the party season!  Yvonne tells us why lashes are really important and why Xtreme eyelashes (just arrived in Ireland) have caused such a stir in Hollywood. 

Caring for eyelash extensions
. Ideally you shouldn't need to wear mascara with the Xtreme lashes but if you wear a lot of eye make-up and feel the need use a water-based one, avoid creamy oil based ones and waterproof ones. 
. Avoid oil-based eye make up removers.  Xtreme also have a sealer which applied every few days helps condition the lashes.
. Swimming and showering are totally fine.
. Try not to rub eyes too much.
. They cause no damage to your own lashes unless you pull them out in which case you may pull out your own lashes too! It is possible to remove them safely with an oil-based remover.
. The lashes last up to 2 months (the lifespan of your own lashes).

Further Information
Xtreme Eyelashes from €90
Xtreme Sealer €30
Xtreme Mascara €20
All available from The Beauty Parlour, Terenure - 01 4929977