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Herbs With Nicky Treacy Kohler - The Essential Herbal First Aid Kit

Thursday, 17 November 2005


Nicky Treacy is back to talk about the essentials you should have in your Herbal First Aid Kit in your house, so that you always have a herbal remedy at hand for everything from cuts to colds to sprains and strains.


Fever Few
This is excellent for headaches and migraines.  It is an alternative to Panadol.  It is great for hangovers especially migraines and stressful days.
Dose: Two capsules.  It's only for adults.
Slippery Elm
This has a variety of uses but is especially good for digestive upsets, indigestion etc.  It is an alternative to Rennies.  This is ideal for the tummy after a bout of Diarrhoea.
Dose:  Mix one teaspoon of powder in half a glass of water.
Tea Tree Oil
This essential oil is a great antiseptic and is great for any cuts and scrapes.  This is also great for herpes simplex - more commonly known as cold sores (put in on every hour until it's gone).  Another good use of tea tree oil is for pimples.
Dose: This can be diluted in water to wash cuts and scrapes.
Aloe Vera
Nicky will talk about how good it is to have a fresh plant in your kitchen but that you can also buy it in tube form.  This is excellent for all burns.
Dose: Apply cream when needed.
Garlic Oil
This is great for acute infections such as colds but it is also good for earaches.  It is natures antibiotic.  If you start showing the signs of a cold or flu start taking Garlic Oil immediately.  This can be given to children 5+.
Dose: For an earache, burst a garlic capsule, put the oil onto some cotton wool and place in the ear.  Put a hat on you going to bed and leave the soaked cotton wool in your ear over night.  For a cold, adults should take two capsules every six hours for two days and one capsule every day after until the symptoms are gone.
Comfrey Cream
This cream is made from the root or leaves of the comfrey plant.  You can buy it in Health Food Stores but you must be aware that it looks very similar to digitalis (a heart medicine plant).  This is great for sprains and strains etc.  It encourages connective tissue growth and prevents scar tissue formation.
This is good for stress and insomnia.  These are great in a stressful situation and will calm you down if you are caught up in an emergency situation.
Dock Leaf
This is the best remedy for nettle stings.  Most kids will remember this as they will have run looking for one of these when they were stung in their youth.

Note: Always check with a patient, if unknown to you, if they are allergic to anything.

Nicky's Top Tips

Nicky took some of your calls on the show today, and here were her tips:
. For breast fed babies with dry skin, the mother should take the herbal medication herself because the herbs will go through her bloodstream and into the milk, hence the baby will benefit.  The herbs that should be taken are Viola Tricolour and Red Clover.  You should also bathe the baby only once a week and rub his skin with sweet almond oil.
. Feverfew is the herb to be taken for headaches.  It is especially good for migraines and can be taken for hangover headaches also.
. Crampbark is a uterine tonic and is great for stomach cramps during your period.  Castor Oil Packs are also great.  Pour Castor Oil over a face cloth, fold over and place against the abdomen.  Then put a hot water bottle over this and hold against your lower abdomen and this should ease your cramps.
. Celery Seed and Meadow Sweet are the two herbs that Nicky recommended for gout.   She also recommended avoiding red meat, red wine, shellfish and offal.