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Sleeping Beauty

Tuesday, 15 November 2005


Gone are the days when sleeping was a passive beauty process.  Triona Mc Carthy introduces us to the best of beauty products and treatments that work on us while we sleep!
Now those precious eight hours are the best time to pamper your skin and hair.
Be it while sleeping or cosying up in front of the fire, winter is the best time to give yourself that extra special pampering!

Top Tips
. Be a sleeping beauty!  Remember that sleep really is the best beauty product.  Make up and magic potions may help cover up dark circles and pasty skin but its not enough to make you look and feel your best.
. Don't expect that tonight's 12 hours will make up for last night's 3!
. Try to get at least 8 hours every night.


The latest generation of night creams contains active ingredients that help skin to retain a healthy moisture balance, without the need for oils and creams that could block the pores.  Every 24 hours, our body clock divides our biological processes into two distinctly different phases - an active period when we are awake and functioning, during which our body's resources of oxygen and nutrients are being constantly depleted, and a resting and repairing phase when we are asleep and our body can call on stored resources to renew itself.
Research has confirmed that while water loss through the skin is greatest at night, so is its ability to absorb active ingredients from whatever cream we apply before we sleep.
As a result, night creams often contain higher doses of active ingredients that might go to waste during daylight hours, such as Vitamins C and E which fight free radicals, fruit acids which exfoliate away dead skin cells, ceramides which help repair the barrier function of the skin, and NMF's that help to rehydrate it.
It's almost as if our skin is too busy doing its job of protecting our bodies from the outside world during the day.  At night, however, it repairs and renews itself.  So it makes sense that a day cream should offer protection and a night cream should offer treatment.
Night creams are invaluable to someone with very dry skin because they primarily work at preventing the loss of water through the skin while we sleep.

La Prairie 'Smart' night cream -  €140 - Nue Blue Eriu.
Issima Midnight Secret Late Night Recovery Treatment by Guerlain - €82.50 - Arnotts


The Talika Eye Therapy Patch reduces under-eye puffiness and dark circles and can reduce the visibility of scars.  Six reusable pairs of antiaging, eye contour patches plus an attractive, functional storage compact (each pair is reusable four times each for a total of 24 treatments).  Botanical extracts and essential oils concentrated in the patch are antioxidant, free radical destroyers.  It's packed with time-fighting ceramides proven to increase collagen structure within the skin.

Talika Eye Therapy Patch - €45 - call The Airbrushing Company 01 4936153
Also available in Therapie

If you wake up morning after morning with "pillow face," unsightly wrinkles after a night of sleeping on your side, or with neck pain due to poor support, here is the effective, healthy and comfortable solution! Side sleeping on a standard pillow compresses delicate facial tissues and muscles that cause "morning pillow face." Eventually, wrinkles, creases and eye puffiness become permanent. Your face ages with time.
The "Save My Face!" Pillow has a revolutionary shape featuring a double crescent design that supports the head and elevates the face.  It helps stop premature aging.
. Eliminates "morning pillow face."
. Night creams and serums stay on your face improving absorption.
. Reduces sinus compression improving breathing and oxygen flow to body and skin.
. Improved neck and back support
. Enhances healing after facial surgery and treatments.

"Save my Face" Pillow - €40 -  

The skin on your body also renews and repairs itself while you sleep.  Body lotions are more tempting at night because you don't have to get dressed minutes afterwards.  Apply them all over, concentrating on elbows, knees, shins, hands and feet.

Elle McPherson's The Body, Firm and Flawless Body Lotion - €12 - Brown Thomas


Take advantage of the time spent sleeping to try a deep conditioning hair treatment or mask which you wouldn't normally have time for during the day.  Don't wash your hair first, just comb the conditioner through the last few inches of your dry hair to ensure the ingredients are concentrated and protect your pillow with a hand towel.  In the morning just shampoo and rinse as usual, for super soft luscious locks.

L'Oreal Elvive Nutri Gloss Intensive Shine Treatment - €7.45 - available nationwide

Reflex and relax - Enhanced with tiny magnets in the soles, Brocade Reflexology Slippers by Holistic Silk, help stimulate circulation and induce calm.  They're the perfect companions for plane journeys or just for padding around the house.

Reflexology Slippers by Holistic Silk - €98 - Harvey Nichols

Most good sleepers awaken briefly at the end of each sleep cycle.  They fall back to sleep within a few seconds and may even forget about having been awake.  This is a great diffuser will help you ease into a conscious state.

The Position Back-to-sleep Bedside Diffuser by Origins - €17.50 - Arnotts

Imagine a watch that could change your life.  A watch promising a deeper, more restful night's sleep, improved concentration and the ability to deal with stressful situations rationally and calmly.  The Telstar watches from Philip Stein backs up these astounding claims with some impressive testimonials. 
Again based on magnetic therapy Madonna and her kids all sport one as does Oprah.

Philip Stein Telstar Watch From - €600 -  Brown Thomas

Set up by ex-Vogue health and beauty director Kathy Phillips, "This Works" sells aromatherapy products based on high-quality natural plant oils: shower oils, shower gels, hot stone burner and essences, body lotion.   The must-have is Aroma Hot Water Bottle contains a little pocket on the front where you pop the piece of muslin dotted with the essential oil included, to help you sleep.

This Works Aroma Hot Water Bottle - €63 - Harvey Nichols