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Garden Tips with Eugene - Winter Gardening, Part 3

Thursday, 10 November 2005


Today is Eugene's last visit for a while, and today he'll be looking at winter plants.  As always, he'll have his 4 top tips to keep your plants healthy all season long.

. Viburnum Tinus "Eve Price" €9.95
Viburnum Tinus ¼ Standard €59.00
Viburnum Tinus ½ Standard €89.00 all widely available (There are 3 different forms)

. Skimmia Rubella €10.95 - widely available
We talked about a Skimmia (female) version of this flower last week that had berries. This is the male flowering version.

. Cornilla Clavea €8.95 - Blackbanks Garden Centre, Dublin
This flower is unusual. It's a beautiful yellow colour and thrives all Winter long

. Camellia €19.95 and €120.00 - widely available
This is the Royalty of the Garden as it is magnificent to look at.  You might be lucky to get a few flowers out of it before Christmas.

. Pernettya "Prickly Heath" €8.95 - Cottage widely available
We've had this flower on the set for the last few weeks. It grows purple and pink berries but be warned that they are poisonous.

Eugene's Top Tips
. Sow seeds between 2pm and 4pm to give a better rate of germination.  The temperature sensitive phase of the germination is completed at night when soil temperature is lower.
. In winter, put an old plate on top of your hanging basket to use it as a bird table and/ or use to protect tender plants in the Winter.
. Make your house plants greener by adding a drop or two of castor oil especially ferns.
. Bare root roses are planted at this time of the year.  They are cheaper, easier to establish and tend not to bring Black Spot which is a disease that affects roses. However they require more work.