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Beauty Bytes!

Tuesday, 1 November 2005


Triona Mc Carthy is here to tell us about some fun and informative beauty websites.
More and more people are turning to the internet for beauty advice and as a source of hard-to-find beauty products.  There are so many great sites that give useful tips or are good for a bit of a giggle!

1. Customize Your Make-up @
Click on Custom Blend Lip Gloss and choose your ideal colour, level of frost, scent, and flavour.  Then find a matte foundation with perfectly matching concealer and loose powder.

2. Play "Make-Up" @
If you thought playing dress-ups was only for little girls, then think again, because playing dress-ups or make-up is what this site is all about.  You can focus on the hair and make-up , or dress-up someone like Sienna Miller.
Plus, if you register you can become part of the paperdollheaven community, where you can instant message, have your very own profile and more!  You can also update your registration to V.I.P where you get access to exclusive dolls.

Perhaps you've seen a hairstyle wander its way past you on the street that looked amazing, but that you would never have the guts to pull off.  This site is a compilation of makeup, accessories, hair styles and colours, even contact lenses, that you can either try on to a model's face, or, if you upload a photo, your own.
It's best to take advantage of the latter option because that is where all the fun lies - have you ever wondered what you'd look like with a mohawk?
Overall the site is just a bit of fun, but it can spark some ideas too.  Have fun doing makeovers for friends and family members, then print out the 'before and after' shots for them one.
The best part is that all the makeup on the site is listed by brand and colour name and is available in stores, plus the made over photo is easy to print out and take along to your hairdresser so you really can create your own look.

4.  Get the Celebrity look @
ASOS(As Seen On Screen) is famous for copying the star style we see and envy on the red carpet.  Get the look of your favourite celebrity with the make up and tools they use.

5. Best Beauty Site for Chats and Products @
The reviews on this site are great because they are not biased.  They are written by women telling you truthfully, what works and what doesn't.  Plus, if you feel like telling the world how good your lip gloss is, then you can submit your own review.
As well as having all this reading pleasure it also has some other funky features, like the diary.  This could be your lifesaver if you're prone to over spending on beauty products.  Basically you use it to keep note of the beauty products you have bought or are about to buy, so that you know how much money you are spending.  You can also read other people's diaries.  Often you'll find that they submit mini reviews on beauty products via their diaries.
Another great feature on this site is that you can grab yourself free beauty products!! Yes, by using the swap board you can exchange items with other readers for free.  Does that sound good or what? Just fill in your wish list and put a few old items up for swapping and you are away laughing.
There are also forums, where you can spend hours on end chatting away to other girls who love makeup just as much as you do!

6. Find the perfect Product @
This site directs you to already existing beauty brands and products (skin care, hair care, fragrance, and cosmetics) based on your answers to a detailed quiz about your skin and hair.

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