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Turning Back Time The Alternative Way

Thursday, 27 October 2005


Today we're joined by herbalist Aine-Marie Reilly.  She is going to talk through 6 herbs that we can use in the battle against the inevitable ageing process.

It can be used as a tea, one teaspoon per cup.  Nettle is rich in minerals giving you healthy skin and good bone density.  It is also a very good detox herb.  It gets rid of all the pollutants and toxins that contribute to ageing.

These are good in a body scrub or a face mask.  Oats are rich in minerals and taken internally they keep the nervous system healthy. They can also be used externally on your body as a face mask or a body scrub.  This is full of minerals and keeps the skin healthy and soft.

The Oat-so Soft Face Mask
. Take a bowl of dried oats and add boiling water to them.
. Allow the oats and water to cool down to body temperature and you are left with the mushy consistency that's milky in colour.
. As an alternative you can introduce bananas, milk and honey to the face mask.
. Massage the mix on to your face and leave it for about 10 minutes.

This can be taken as an infusion or as distilled aromatic water (a toner).  It's particularly suitable for mature skin when you use it as a toner. Elderflower reduces the appearance of excess pigmentation, which appears as brown spots.  When used with witch hazel it also cuts off the excess grease and closes the pores.  This is available in Health stores but can be difficult to find.

Rose Hip & Lavender
This mixture is to be taken externally and is also suitable for maturing skin.  Rose Hip Oil will keep it smooth and plump out the skin making it younger and healthier looking.  It is also very nourishing and helps to fade scars.  Lavender relaxes the skin and stops lines appearing which are caused by too much muscle tension.

Luxurious Lavender & Rose Hip Cream
. Take 30 grams Base Cream, 5-10ml Rose Hip Oil, and a few drops of Lavender.
. Add the Rose Hip Oil and the Lavender to the base cream and whisk ingredients together.
. Rub cream outwards from the nose, outwards under the eyes and out and up under the chin.
. This will push all the toxins and fluids out from under the skin towards the lymph nodes.
. This will leave you with nice, fresh looking skin.

Ginkgo Biloba
This is available in tincture or tablet form.  The Ginkgo Biloba is an indestructible tree which was the only living thing to survive the Hiroshima bomb in Japan.  The tree originated in China and some of them are 3,000 years old.  It is rich in anti-oxidants and it protects against degeneration and ageing.  It has a profound effect on circulation and it tightens and loosens capillaries when they are dilated, preventing broken capillaries.
Ginkgo Biloba must be prescribed by a GP or a medical herbalist.  Put a few drops into water and drink it

Evening Primrose
Can be taken orally in either tablet or oil form.  When you are getting older, your skin becomes drier, thinner and you get more lines and wrinkles.  Evening Primrose Oil helps to replace essential fatty acids to keep the skin young and healthy looking.  It also helps with hormonal balance for women coming up to the menopause.  It is an anti-inflammatory and also helps to maintain bone density