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Cheryl Baker Talks About Hair Loss

Tuesday, 25 October 2005


Today we'll be joined by TV presenter and former Eurovision winner Cheryl Baker to talk about her experience of hair thinning and hair loss.

All About Cheryl

Cheryl is a real life Eastender. She was born in Bethnal Green on 8th March, 1954. Her bubbly personality was evident during the early days of Bucks Fizz when they won the Eurovision in 1981 with 'Making your mind up.'

Bucks Fizz went on to gain worldwide recognition with a string of hit records including three number ones. 'Land of Make Believe,' 'My Camera Never Lies,' and of course, 'Making your mind up' Went straight to number one.

Cheryl developed a solo career and, at the end of 1993, she stepped down from Bucks Fizz to concentrate on doing her own thing. She's starred in panto, been a TV presenter of shows such as Record Breakers, Eleventh Hour, The Really Useful Show, Eggs 'n' Baker, - a children's cookery show, travel shows to name but a few. She's also starred in theatre productions such as 'Dial 'M' for Murder,' Mixed Feelings and anybody for Murder?

She was awarded a framed cover of The Guinness Book of Hit Singles in recognition of her success with Bucks fizz. In fact, so popular is Cheryl's 'girl next door' image, Michael Aspel awarded her the big red book treatment with a 'This is Your Life,' programme.

Cheryl lives in Kent with her bass guitarist husband Steve Stroud, who plays with many bands but his main boss is Sir Cliff Richard, and their nine year old twin daughters, Kyla and Natalie. Cheryl and Steve are 13 years married.

To celebrate her 50th birthday in March 2004, GMTV took her to Inch Loss Island in Mauritius plus they surprised her with a make over with resulted in Cheryl appearing on the cover of Now Magazine. Cheryl is celebrating 30 years in the entertainment industry and is currently writing her autobiography.

She was one of the founders and is a trustee of Headfirst. The charity raises funds for research, equipment and care of people who have suffered brain damage due to accident, stroke or disease. She helped set up the charity following the horrific coach crash back in 1984 when Cheryl was in Bucks Fizz where her colleague and dear friend, Mike Nolan, sustained serious head injuries resulting in brain damage.

Cheryl is among many women who have experienced thinning hair. The thinning got considerably worse following the birth of her twins. Cheryl is also going through menopause and that is another time in women's lives when thinning hair can be a problem.

About Hair Loss

Thinning hair can become a matter of concern not only for men but for a growing number of women. Traditionally classed as a male problem but now experts are claiming that women are increasingly at risk of thinning hair. Stress, diets and the increasing use of hormonal therapies such as the pill and HRT are being blamed for what experts are calling 'an epidemic leading to marriage breakdown, wrecked careers and ruined lives.'

Everyone naturally sheds hair everyday - about 50 strands each day - and after a few weeks most hair will re-grow from the same follicle. The cause of thinning hair is normally due to the body's inability to provide the scalp with the nutrients required for healthy hair growth. This results in hair growth slowing down and individual strands becoming thinner and wispy and then ceasing to grow at all.

Women often suffer from poor nutrition, especially iron deficiency and eating disorders. Childbirth and the menopause can often result in thinning hair as can major stress. The good news is that although the follicles may become dormant, they are often undamaged. If the follicles receive the necessary stimulus and nutrients from the body, new hair can grow again.

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