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Herbs With Nicky Treacy Kohler - Herbal De-Stressing

Thursday, 20 October 2005


Nicky Treacy Kohler is back with some alternative and natural ways to help the body deal with stress at any age.

Passionflower Chardonnay
. Take 200 grams of fresh passionflower herb.
. Place in a glass container. (all chopped up)
. Pour on a bottle of Chardonnay wine.
. Put on a stopper and place in a dark cupboard.
. Shake daily for 10 days.
. Strain off through a strainer.
. Rebottle, cork and refrigerate.
. Drink one small glass each evening for a good night sleep.

Sleep is vital for a stressed person; one form of torture is to keep people awake. Passionflower is a relaxing sedative.

Lime Blossom
. This can come in tablet and tea form.
. It is especially good for anxious and hyperactivity in children.
. This herb can be disguised in tea or juices for kids.

Blue Chamomile Belly Rub
. Mix blue chamomile oil with sweet almond oil.
. Rub in a clockwise direction around the abdomen, especially on knotted muscles where stress sits.
. This helps your bowels work better.  You feel lighter therefore deal with stress better.

Mustard Foot Bath
. Mix two teaspoons of mustard powder to ten cups of hot water.
. Soak your feet for 20 minutes.
. You will feel the heat spread up the legs to the body.
. This gets the blood moving around, great for people who have been sitting at a desk all day as it stimulates circulation.
. Also good for those on their feet as it is a relaxing stimulant.
. Meditate whilst doing this.

Lavender Satchels
. Place dried lavender into linen or cotton satchels.
. Place inside pillow cases.
. This is wonderful for stressed kids and adults.
. It's great to get them involved in making them.

Basil tea
. Buy basil in small parts from a supermarket.
. Pour on boiling water and infuse for 10 minutes and drink.
. This is a warm winter digestive stimulant. (often stressed people don't digest food properly and become malnourished)
. It also helps to clear the mind.
. It is an aphrodisiac tea for flagging libidos.