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Garden Tips with Eugene - Heavenly Heathers

Thursday, 13 October 2005


Eugene Higgins will demonstrate how to jazz up a winter garden with some heather. 

Top Tips
. You should encourage bumblebees to stay in your garden.  They are good pollinators for many flowers, fruit trees and vegetables.  A bumblebee box placed in your garden may attract a queen in the spring trying to find a nesting-site.
. Reduce the weight of a large pot by filling the lower half with empty plastic bottles, adding compost on top and then planting.
. To keep a cold Green house frost-free, make your own candle lamps.  Stand candles in a terracotta pot, using sand at the bottom for stability.  Light the candles and then place a second pot over it to form a mini heater.
. Dandelions and daisies can be got rid of by, carefully tipping a teaspoon of salt into the centre of the cluster of leaves.  

What to Buy
Kramer's Red "Erica Darleyensis" - €7.95 - Blackbanks Garden Centre, Dublin
Golden Lady "Erica Erigena" - €5.95 - Orchard Garden Centre, Kildare
Bruyere D'Automne "Calluna Vulgaris" - €5.95 - Widely Available
Viola - tray of six - €3.45 - Widely available
Cyclamen - €2.95 - Widely available
Euonymous - €2.45 each - Widely available
Bumble Bee Box - €25.95 - Dunne and Dineen, Co. Wicklow.