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Autumn Hair with Noel Sutton

Monday, 19 September 2005


This season's hair is all about back-combing and volume.  Noel Sutton demonstrates quick and easy ways to emulate catwalk style at home! 

Both The Aviator look and the Military/ Russian inspired looks are big this Autumn/ Winter in clothes hair and make-up.

The Aviator Look
. Suitable for curly or straight hair.
. This upstyle is inspired by old Hollywood glamour, given a new lease of life through movies like "The Aviator".  The modern take is a bit funkier though with plenty of back-combing and texture.
. Noel will show us how to backcomb hair using an anti-static brush to help create volume.
. This is a very manageable look achievable at home in about ten minutes.

The Products
. Anti-Static Brush - €12.95 - Boots, nationwide.
. High Hair (Wella) - €7.95 - available salons nationwide.
. Elnette Hairspray - €4.95 - available pharmacies nationwide.

The Military/Russian Look
. Suitable for curly or straight hair.
. This flowing downstyle is a continuation on from last year's gypsy look.
. Noel will show us how to put hair up in easy-to use (microwaveable) heated rollers (velcro rollers also work). 
. For this look it's really important to use big chunks of hair on each roller which creates a loose wave rather than a curl.  For this look the rollers are used to create volume rather than curl.
. Noel recommends leaving in the rollers for anything up to half an hour - or however long it takes you to put on your make-up!
. Noel will then tease out the hair into loose waves and finish with a hair serum.

The Products
. Microwaveable Rollers (12 pack) - €60 - available hairdresser suppliers nationwide.
. Velcro Rollers (12 pack) - €7.95 - available in pharmacies nationwide.
. Paul Mitchell Gloss Drops - €13 - available salons nationwide.
. Charles Worthington hair serum - €13.75 - available in pharmacies nationwide.