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Jamie Belton

Wednesday, 9 February 2005

Actor Jamie Belton who is in the middle of another gripping plot in Fair City joins us to tell us how he feels about leaving the popular soap and his plans for the future.

Who is Jamie Belton?
Jamie Belton plays Ross O' Rourke in 'Fair City'.  Jamie Belton joined the cast of 'Fair City' last February.  He studied Science in Trinity and was involved in the Trinity players.  After college Jamie decided that he wanted to get into acting full-time, and around a year later he landed a role in 'Fair City' as Repeat Leaving student, Ross O'Rourke.

Jamie was immediately thrown into the deep end as he character set about seducing his English teacher Sorcha Byrne.  Sorcha and her daughter, Jenny, both fell for the hunky student but Sorcha won out and the pair began a steamy classroom romance.  However, rumours started to spread around the school and things came to a head when the school principal and Sorcha's partner, Barry O'Hanlon, found the pair in a passionate embrace in one of the classrooms.  Sorcha and Ross broke up but Ross was too upset to sit his English leaving paper and left to tour Europe with his band for the summer.
Sorcha and Barry decided to stay together and when Ross returned to Carrigstown he discovered that he had failed his Leaving Cert. His father was horrified as his son had shown such promise in the run up to the exams. After much interrogation Ross admitted to having an affair with Sorcha and as a result Sorcha and Barry were forced to resign from the school. 

In the meantime Ross and Jenny remained friends and before Christmas Jenny discovered that her mother was pregnant by her father even though they had separated and were in new relationships.  Jenny was devastated and Ross offered to take her in before Christmas.  The pair became an item and decided to move into together.  Strapped for cash Ross decided that the easiest way to make money would be to start dealing ecstasy pills.

It was at this point that things began to spiral out of control for Ross.  Trey and Ross get arrested for dealing in a nightclub and Jenny's father, Sergeant Byrne comes down heavy on the pair.  Jenny and Ross decide to pretend to break up.  Last week Ross called over to see Jenny while she's babysitting for the Molloys.  They got drunk and Ross dropped some pills on the floor.
This Thursday the Molloy's daughter, Jessica, finds the pills and swallows them.  The Molloy's discover her unconscious and rush her to hospital.  But on Tuesday next they discover that her condition has deteriorated and that she's going to die.

On Wednesday next there's a one-hour special, from 8pm to 9pm on RTÉ, where Harry discovers that Ross was responsible for Jessica's death.  Harry devastated by the death of his second daughter goes to visit his daughter Lorraine's grave.  Meanwhile, Ross, continues to drink and take drugs and also arranges to meet Jenny in the graveyard.  Harry bumps into Ross there and Ross is completely out of it.  When Harry sees him, he loses it completely and beats Ross to death, spelling the end for Jamie's dramatic year in the soap.
What's Next For Jamie?
Jamie is heading to LA in mid March for meetings with Producers, Backers and Agents.  He is aware it takes a long time to break into the acting world over there but his is his initial step to get noticed and deal with the big whigs.  He has already got a number of auditions lined up.

Jamie is still going to concentrate on working in Ireland and England.  He currently has a play about boxing in the pipeline with another member of the 'Fair City' cast.  Over the year Jamie was also involved in a very high profile campaign for Aware.

He tends to get himself into financial trouble with his love of gadgets.  From Palm Pilots to portable DVD players there is nothing he doesn't get his hands on!  He also collects films and his favourites are "Gladiator" and "Scarface".  Jamie's favourite actors iare Al Pacino and Johnny Depp and his favourite actress is Halle Berry.  Singer Carol Anthony is his current girlfriend and is going to be touring in America with her new single while he is over there.