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The Beauty Panel - Hair Straighteners

Thursday, 16 December 2004

Every Thursday on The Afternoon Show, four of our viewers will review a selection of beauty products under the supervision of Suzanne Walsh.  This week our panel has been testing hair straighteners.

Suzanne's Tips
. To get good results when using a straightening tongs you must use small sections of hair, one at a time.
. Never leave hair straightening tongs on the hair.  You must keep them moving along the hair otherwise they will burn.
. Don't use the straightening tongs on the ends of your hair.  The ends of your hair are very brittle and dry.  If they are subjected to straightening tongs it's likely to mean the ends of your hair will just break off.
. Never use on wet hair unless the straightening tongs are specifically designed for it because it will create too much steam and will burn your scalp.  And always use a styling product to lock in moisture!

The Panel
Sonya Sparks - Vichy Babyliss Portability - €26.49 - RATING:  3/10.
Available nationwide.
Sarah Cullington - Vidal Sassoon - €15.99 - RATING:  1/10.
Available nationwide.
Tracey Clifford - Nicky Clarke Straightening Star Style - €23.99 - RATING: 6/10.
Available nationwide.
Joan Clifford - Remington Straightening - €31.99 - RATING:  8/10.
Available nationwide.