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Hair Styling with Noel Sutton - Quick-Fix Party Hair

Monday, 29 November 2004

The Christmas Party Season has kicked off and Noel Sutton will demonstrate two quick and easy solutions to transform day hair to party hair!

Style 1
Noel will show two quick looks using the following accessories:
Hair band - Claire's Accessories - €2.
Red & blue clips - Ad Hoc - €10 each.
Charles Worthington gel - €7.90.

Style 2
Noel will put our second model's hair up by dividing it into three strands and using long clips to put it up.
Long clips - Adhoc - €36.
Crystal comb slide - Brown Thomas - €180.
Glitter spray - Claire's Accessories - €4.50.
Noel will also show us a more effective way to put glitter on hair, without getting it on your clothes, using hair spray and glitter.