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Teens in the Wild


David with the girls
David with the girls

Here come the Girls!

In the 2nd Series of the acclaimed 'Teens in the Wild', Clinical psychologist, David Coleman once again takes a group of six troubled teenagers, on a 21 day wilderness activities and therapy course. This time, in the wilds of Donegal, he works with girls, aged 14-17, who are struggling with issues including anger management, bereavement, separation and problems at school - all of which have resulted in strained relations with their parents who are at breaking point.

The activities element of the programme devised especially for this project by the Gartan Outdoor Education Centre is fundamental to the overall aim of the project i.e. improving each teen's self esteem and confidence. As David Coleman says " Poor behaviour is rooted in low self-esteem. The aim of this unique project is to build the teens up not break them down".

For the 3 weeks, the girls live in an isolated cabin (under the supervision of the Gartan instructors) on the perimeter of Glenveagh National Park. Far removed from the usual teenage temptations and distractions, David's hope is that the girls focus on their issues and work through them with him, giving each of them the opportunity to start making some positive change in their lives.

While their isolation gives them much needed 'space' from their usual environment, some of the girls find the 'cold turkey' difficult to endure. Three weeks without their own mobile phones, laptops, night life and contact with the outside world is a true endurance test.

Help for Parents too

During the three week course, David invites the parents to a separate wilderness location in Donegal to explore with him, what possible reasons may lay at the root of their teen's misbehaviour. These intense 'sessions' also help the parents to realise that they too need to be open to change.

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