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Breathing Space

Breathing Space features six half hour documentaries which were originally broadcast in 1979 on RTÉ Television. The series was presented by Fergus O'Gorman, who at the time was scientific advisor for national parks and was mostly filmed at locations which, at that time, were remote and where there was time and space to breathe.

So take a trip back in time and enjoy the experience of the great outdoors from the gentle flow of a barge on the river Barrow to the busy tourist attraction of Killarney and its lakes: visit the botanist's paradise of the Burren in Co. Clare or hear the folklore and stories told about seals in the west of Ireland and Scotland; join a group of Belfast school children on a field trip to the Ulster Museum or a couple relocating from England searching for the "good life" on Cape Clear.

Programme 1 - Down The Barrow Line

Programme 2 - Where The Deer and Rhododendron Thrive

Programme 3 - The Fertile Rock

Programme 4 - The Museum

Programme 5 - People of the Sea

Programme 6 - Away from it all


Breathing Space
Breathing Space