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The Takeover

Episode 6 - Waldorf Barbers

The Takeover
The Takeover

The Waldorf Barbers on Dublin's Westmoreland Street has been trading since 1929. Celebrating it's 85th birthday this year the Waldorf is known the world over for their talented craftsmanship and meticulous barbering. With original interiors, 40's music, and vintage feel this place is the real deal.

Father and Daughter team, Liam and Linda Finnegan have very different management styles. With Linda keen to modernize and embrace modern business techniques, Liam just simply doesn't want the shop to change.

With two very different bosses, business mentor Norah Casey is keen to see how the staff of five barbers and two apprentices step up when they are left to their own devices. Keen to get more much needed business for the barber shop, the staff set about trying to attract more customers.

The challenge is how to keep the vintage feel of the shop but to introduce some modern touches that are vital to bring in more business. However after the end of the two weeks the bigger problem it seems will be how to get these new business ideas over the line with the bosses. And if they don't will the two weeks have been a complete waste of time and money?









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