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The Takeover

Episode 2 - Integral Fitness & Leisure Bettystown

The Takeover
The Takeover

Seasoned entrepreneurs PJ Moore and Brian Browning bought their Bettystown gym 3 years ago. No strangers to risks, they are about to take their biggest one yet as they stand aside for 2 weeks to leave their business in the hands of their gym instructors! In true entrepreneurial form, the bosses leave their staff with a challenge. to sign up 200 new members in their absence.

On hand to help, Norah Casey is there to encourage the staff from the start and does her best to hide her worry - 200 members in 2 weeks is a tall order!

And so with the bar set high, the gym instructors step out from behind their spin bikes to enter into the corporate world. But, how will they get on in the boardroom when they are more accustomed to the gym floor, and will they manage to strike a deal for any corporate members?

With the bosses out of the way, the staff decide to overhaul the gym's advertising, and stick it to their stock images by designing a brand new ad campaign. But are their pictures and PR stunts really the image the gym should portray? The rest of the staff decide to look for the next big fitness craze to hit Ireland and set about redesigning the class timetable to attract more members. But with Disco Bounce added to the list, are they on the money or way off the mark?









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