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Martin & Paul's Surf n' Turf


Surf N' Turf

Episode 1: Cobh

Surf & Turf starts with a Titanic challenge. As Cobh begins its Titanic centenary commemorations, the Irish navy treats Martin and Paul to a selection of the dishes the ill-fated passengers would have enjoyed on board. Using this menu as their basis, the chefs have 24 hours to find great local ingredients. Paul is on the hunt for wild rabbits while Martin is searching Cork Harbour for turbot.

Surf N' Turf

Episode 2: Westport

Martin and Paul travel to Westport House in Co. Mayo where they meet up with the aristocratic descendants of the Pirate Queen Grace O'Malley who roamed the seas in the 16th century. They're given the run of the house for their Surf & Turf challenge but first they have to find their ingredients. Martin discovers a great organic trout farm while Paul roams the hills looking for some lamb.

Surf N' Turf

Episode 3: Ballyvaughan

Surf & Turf goes wild in the Burren in Co. Clare. Martin and Paul discover they're going back to pre-historic times as their challenge is taking place outdoors in an ancient fort. So Paul decides he's going to spit-roast a goat! While Martin is on the hunt for some lobsters he can bake underground.

Surf N' Turf

Episode 4: Port Magee

Port Magee in Co. Kerry sees Martin donning his wetsuit and snorkelling for scallops. Meanwhile Paul discovers a little piece of duck heaven in Ballinskelligs. But he decides to take another risk and team it with Skellig Chocolate. The question is, will his unusual combination win him the challenge?

Surf N' Turf

Episode 5: Louth

Tonight Martin and Paul head north to Co. Louth's Cooley Peninsula and the medieval town of Carlingford. They're challenged by Queen Maeve's army on the hunt for the Brown Bull of Cooley so Paul takes inspiration and decides beef is his turf ingredient. He's determined to win this challenge but cannot make up his mind which cut of beef to cook. Martin opts for the famous Carlingford oyster but can it beat the best of Irish beef?

Surf N' Turf

Episode 6: Skerries

Martin and Paul kayak into Skerries Bay in North Dublin for their sixth challenge. But it's not all plain sailing. Martin opts for the famous Dublin Bay Prawns but has real difficulty sourcing them. Maybe it's because Paul has decided he's going to include surf in his turf dish of chicken and chorizo this time. They recruit the Skerries and Malahide Sea Scouts to help them but who will win the Skerries challenge?

Surf N' Turf

Episode 7: Kilmore Quay

The Irish Coast Guard in on hand to issue Martin and Paul's challenge in Kilmore Quay in Co. Wexford this week. Paul decides to go with bacon but gets swayed by all the Wexford strawberry signs. He goes out on a limb and cooks the first Surf n Turf desert! Martin opts for a lemon sole taco but doesn't manage to source his fish until the morning of the cook-off. But what will the taste testers opt for - Wexford strawberries or lemon sole?



Surf N' Turf

Episode 8: Donegal

Tonight Paul heads to Donegal determined to recruit Daniel O'Donnell. He goes straight to the newly opened visitor centre dedicated to the singer, travels to his house and even bumps into his wife Majella. After much searching, he finally finds Daniel attending Irish classes in the area and duly recruits him. The challenge is to keep the identity of his illustrious helper from his competitor Martin.

Meanwhile Martin is in fishing heaven in Ireland's most northern county and finds some delicious mackerel for the challenge. Paul opts for pork belly which he cooks with some local black pudding all sourced from Donegal butcher Ernan McGettigan.

Twenty local taste testers arrive to the Glencolmcille Folk Village to sample the two signature dishes and Martin's reaction when he sees Daniel O'Donnell stroll in to help Paul is priceless. But who will Donegal vote for, Surf or Turf?



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