Programme 5

Designer: Glenn Keelan


In episode five of series eight, Glenn Keelan, an artist and designer is given the Ebbs’ family home in Rush, North County Dublin. The home is affected by Pyrite and the couple who bought the starter home in 2007 have struggled to engage with the garden.

Glenn’s brief is to create a family friendly garden with room to entertain and a space for the homeowner’s daughter, Caitlin (2).

Glenn’s show is the fifth to be broadcast with the grand finale (show 6 of 6) broadcasting live from Bloom 2016 to reveal the winner of the garden design series on Thursday the 2nd of June 2016.

The garden makeovers are courtesy of the show sponsors; Woodie’s and Cuprinol (Paint Brand – part of Dulux Brand) and are brought to you by RTÉ


Home Owners

Rosaleen and Marc Ebbs
Rosaleen and Marc were first time buyers when they moved into their home in 2007 at the height of the housing boom. In the coming years the couple were to discover that their starter home is affected by Pyrite.

The lack of Government support, along with well-publicized questions around insurance have left Rosaleen and Marc with a house is requires further capitol investment to resolves the construction concerns.

The family have a new addition when Caitlin (2) and the rear garden has not much changed since they got the keys back in 2007.

The couple is hoping for a family friendly space, which allows for entertainment and happy memories.

Designer: Glenn Keelan

Glenn Keelan (33) is a self-thought artist and aspiring crafter from Rush, County Dublin. After living in Berlin, Germany for 5 years and having been inspired by the urban garden movement, Glenn returned to Ireland and commenced a course in Level 6 Landscape Design.

Upon competing his studies at the Botanic Gardens, Glenn has been working for a landscaping company. Super Garden will be the first opportunity for Glenn to realize a design of his own.

“With my practical and theoretical knowledge in Horticulture and my creative side, I hope that being part of Super Garden will be the starting point for a career in Garden Design” – Glenn Keelan

A garden entitled Creative Coastal

“Urban meets coastal garden, with a splash of up-cycle, colour and creativity”.

Glenn’s garden blends urban and coastal with every step, from the mixed planting scheme offering both colour and texture but also contrasting and complementing.

‘Creative Coastal’ is rich in craft and artistic flare.M

“Being part of Super Garden 2016 is a wonderful opportunity to showcase my ideas and creativity in Garden design, to a larger audience. I am excited and I welcome the challenge of creating a show garden that will hopefully be worthy of a place in Bloom 2016” – Glenn Keelan



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