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Designer: Leonie Cornelius

Leonie is a mother of one from Leitrim. Originally from Germany she moved to Ireland when she was 8 years old...

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The Clients

The Sligo garden belongs to the Flynn family; Mum Mary, Dad Gerard their two teenagers Adam and Aoife. Aoife's pet rabbits, Cookie and Cream also occupy the garden.

Mary and Gerard both have full time jobs, so they would love a space to come home to and relax in the evenings. Adam and Aoife want a garden they can enjoy with their friends.

At the moment an odd shaped patio that Gerard built dominates the garden. Mary describes it as a helicopter pad, which is visible on Google Earth. It is the one feature she wants removed from the garden.

The house is right beside a graveyard, so Mary would like to see a bit more life in her garden! The rabbits are also a number one priority and they would love to see an area dedicated to them.

The Garden

The Sligo garden is fairly large and is overlooked by the kitchen. As it stands at the moment the garden is largely occupied by a very big brick and concrete patio and a lawn area with some fairly bedraggled lawn furniture scattered around its surface.

The back wall has a well established clematis which has spread right along the length of the boundary and which the family are anxious to keep.

The other distinguishing feature of this garden are a pair of cherry blossom trees that must survive the transformation.

Designer Leonie has her work cut out for her with this location!

The Challenge

The perfect garden for the Flynns would be somewhere they could entertain family and friends.

Mary wants to look out her back Kitchen window and be able to enjoy the view.

They have had child friendly garden when their children were younger, but they now want a space they can all enjoy.

Adam would like the garden to be a place he can sit with his mates (they don't use the garden at all at the moment).

The garden also needs to take Aoife's rabbits into account.

The Design

Leonie wants to dramatically alter the Sligo garden. She intends to build three raised planters which will take up about 1/3 of the available space. These will form the focal point around which the rest of this architectural garden is laid out, with paving areas leading right the way around the planter, through a dining / socialising area and down to an undulating lawn.

Leonie plans to use quite a lot of recycled and reclaimed materials in the construction of her garden, particularly in her NAMA Hut, a gazebo type building made from bits of old office block!

Planting will be key to the success of Leonie's design and she intends to provide many colourful plants along with an area for growing fruit.

The rabbits won't feel left out either, as Leonie looks forward to rehousing them in a luxurious bunny penthouse with its own underground entrance.

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Contact Leonie:
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