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Designer: Benny MaGuire

Benny Maguire describes himself as a Jack-of-All-Trades, having worked in many jobs from construction to renovations, carpentry to plumbing...

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The Clients

The Glasnevin home is owned by Ciaran Byrne a Software Engineer from Dublin. Ciaran and his girlfriend Denise are planning on moving in together this year and would like a garden where they can entertain during the summer months.

Ciaran designed and built the house 3 years ago on ground that used to be a vegetable plot and has his sister living on one side of him and his mum living on the other.

Ciaran & Denise spend a lot of time in the Botanic Gardens as they currently don't use their own garden.

Ciaran and Denise want a garden that is suitable for entertaining (barbecues / parties / family events).

Ciaran would like a vegetable patch because as a kid he used to jump over the wall of the neighbour's garden and rob his cabbages!

The Garden

The Glasnevin garden is quite small – a classic urban back garden, walled on three sides. It is currently is a very bad state as Ciaran couldn't afford to do anything with it once he'd built the house. The garden is a bit of a tip, full of weeds and some builders rubble is still evident in parts of it.

A real challenge for designer Benny!

The Challenge

The garden's first and foremost use will be for socialising so the finished space needs to reflect this. Ciaran and Denise want some plants in the garden but don't want to get too hung up on maintenance.

The owners are open to there being a lot of hardscaping in this space as this will help with the maintenance issue.

There is very little sun in this garden. What sun there is is limited to the back wall and moves along that wall as the day progresses.

The Design

Benny Maguire is going for broke with this design! It will feature a sandstone patio which will cover much of the garden area.

He also want to make a big feature of his interpretation of the Olympic Rings which will be constructed from recycled red-brick and will be embedded in the patio area.

He's addressing the social aspects of the design my providing seating right around the perimeter of the garden. This bench type seating will form the top of a retaining wall which will contain the planting areas for the garden.

Benny's other nod to the party lifestyle is his hand-made circular bar table which will feature a plant growing out of its centre. Or maybe it won't! Time will tell if Benny's design is a success in Glasnevin.

Contact Benny:

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