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Designer: Andy Booth

Australian Andy Booth has been living in Ireland for the last 11 years...

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The Clients

The Dunboyne home is owned by Sharon and Martin Kelly and their 12 year old son Jordan. They feel that their garden is in desperate need of a make over. Sharon and Jordan have tried to make the most of the garden themselves by adding some plants and putting in a small pond. They feel the garden is their tranquil space.

Sharon would like the garden to reflect some sense of Connemara, the place she was born.

Jordan's confirmation will be held at home and they would love for the garden to be transformed by then. They want a garden that will keep Jordan active and also allow Sharon to relax. The garden is very overlooked at the back and they would like a little more privacy. Sharon and Jordan would be happy to grow fruit and veg.

The Garden

The Dunboyne garden is a long-ish rectangular shape. The ground in the garden is prone to holding water and drainage may be an issue here. The main existing feature is a pond which was constructed by the owners and which they are quite happy to lose! There are very few plants in the garden and it is mostly covered in lawn.

The garden is over looked by three storey buildings at the back.

The Challenge

The garden is prone to retaining water and this will pose a challenge to Andy as he works on his design.

The Kelly's want this to be a space where Jordan can be active (he likes to build bird tables and the like and is very fond of his tool collection). They also want a space where they can entertain friends.

They are happy to grow some fruit and veg in this garden but would also like the design to provide a sense of privacy as the garden is overlooked at the back of the property.

The garden should be relatively low maintenance and should also include a fruit and vegetable element.

The Design

Andy Booth is facing a tall order in this garden. The garden needs to provide activities for Jordan while also being a relaxing space for his parents. Andy wants to include some native Irish plants in his design, planted around a "dry stone wall" feature, to remind Sharon of her beloved Connemara.

He will address Jordan's needs by building a mini tool shed and also a living larder - a high rise vegetable patch with its own sustainable water supply. In keeping with the sustainable theme n this garden Andy wants to include a chicken run and a couple of chickens to provide eggs for the family.

The privacy issue is being adressed by designing an Aussie style barbecue shed which will provide shelter, privacy and a dining area compete with its own wood-fired pizza oven. The design is topped off with the inclusion of a jacuzzi made from a plastic trough and heated by a wood fire.

This is going to be quite a feat if Andy can pull it off!

Contact Andy:

Mobile: 087 7780233
Address: Marshallstown, kilmessan
Co Meath

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