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Designer: Mary O'Neill - Moloney

Mary O'Neill-Moloney's interest in gardening started at a young age when she used to help her father in his market gardening business...

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The Clients

Sharon Mahon thinks her garden is currently a soulless place and would love to be able to see colour, life and growth and have somewhere she can potter in.

She lives in the house with her young dog Mylo and works as a dental health advisor

Sharon wants a garden which will allow her to enjoy the evening sun at the back of the house. She wants an area where she can grow herbs for cooking. The garden should be fairly dog proof, as Mylo spends a lot of time out there. Sharon doesn't want to lose the storage space she has in her garden shed.

The Garden

The garden is a standard suburban semi-detached back garden. It slopes up towards thw back fence and currently is covered in a lawn and contains very few plants. The main structural feature is a standard brown garden shed. The sun hits the back wall of the garden in the late afternoon and evening. Homeowner Sharon wants to make the most of the sun in that area.

The Challenge

The garden is quite square, although the back fence is at a slight angle to the rest of the garden and designer Mary O'Neill-Moloney will need to take this into account when coming up with a design solution for this space. The client does not want to lose the storage space furnished by the garden shed and wants to be able to enjoy the sun at the back of the garden where she can sit and read or entertain friends.

The garden needs to be fairly low maintenance and will also need to be reasonably dog-proof to take into account the client's pet. The client also want areas where she can grow culinary herbs, some flowers and plants, and fruits.

The Design

Mary's design is called "A Real Garden for Real Living". The concept is very simple and elegant. Mary wants to create a space which is elegant, practical and which – if this garden goes to Bloom – will give other people ideas which are useful for their own suburban gardens.

The main structural feature of the design involves converting the existing garden shed into an arbour which will be centred on the back fence of the garden. This act as a relaxing and social space. Storage will be provided in garden benches in the arbour and around the garden.

The slope in the garden will be dealt with by making a patio area at the bottom of the garden and building steps up to the higher area.

Contact Mary:

Mobile: 087 9505053
Phone: 053 9375644

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