Programme 5

Designer: Ken Byrne

Ken Byrne H.Dip. Int. Arch. Int. Des. (38) is a charismatic go-getter who uses his connections and people skills to achieve his goals.

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The Clients

Fiona Thompson and Sonya Larrigan recently got engaged and they would love a "party garden" at their home in Dundalk where they could celebrate with their friends and family.

The Garden

The garden is small and has an unusual shape, due to the extension that Fiona and Sonya recently added to the house. There is no grass or even soil in this garden, as the space is mostly concrete.

The Challenge

Not only does the designer have to contend with the odd shape of the garden and it's existing features, but Fiona and Sonya also have their own quirky ideas that they would like to incorporate into the garden. They love recycling old materials and hate to see anything go to waste, so the designer will have to think of inventive objects and items which he can use to fulfil their brief.

The Design

Ken's unique design centres on a shipping container; not something you would typically find in a garden! His design will use the container as an outdoor room to create the sociable atmosphere that Fiona and Sonya are looking for, and his garden will also feature other reclaimed or recycled materials. Will Ken be able to create the garden that the judges are looking for, however, or will they feel like they are visiting a salvage yard?

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Ken Byrne Design
Mobile: 083 1129169

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