Programme 3

Designer: Paul Gallaher

Paul Gallaher (50) is an unemployed, single father who has been trying to break into professional garden design for the last few years.

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The Clients

Rachel Whelan and Gary Pierce are both working full time, so their evenings and weekends are precious as it allows them to spend time with their 18-month-old daughter Layla. They would love to be able to enjoy their Palmerstown garden as a family.

The Garden

The garden is a fairly typical suburban garden, measuring x, but as Gary and Rachel have not had time to dedicate to it since moving into their home 3 years ago, the garden is simply an overgrown area which they would rather avoid then spend time in!

The Challenge

Rachel and Gary have a contemporary sense of style, and they love simple designs and straight lines. Rachel loves splashes of colour, and her favourite colour is purple. Rachel and Gary would love to be able to relax, and eat outdoors or spend time with friends and family when they visit. A lawn area of some kind is essential to the family, as it will provide Layla with a safe space to play. Rachel and Gary have a lot of ideas about what could be done with the garden, so the challenge facing the designer will be to consolidate these ideas into a simple, stylish garden design.

The Design

Designer Paul Gallaher believes the client is king, and his number one priority in designing a garden for Rachel, Gary and Layla is to incorporate as many of their desired features as possible. This will mean including a lawn for Layla, an outdoor eating and entertaining space, as well as a sense of relaxation, all within a simple and uncluttered design. Can Paul achieve all his clients' desires and still complete the garden on time & on budget?

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Contact Paul:
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