Programme 1

Designer: Kevin McCormack

Kevin McCormack is a young, ambitious landscaper with a degree in Horticulture. 25-year-old Kevin lives in his native Athboy, Co. Meath.

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The Clients

Dental student Caroline Byrne is from Palmerstown and recently moved into this property with her boyfriend Danny Hazelden. Caroline has a background in science and previously studied botany, but while she may understand the intricacies of plant life she really wanted a garden that she could enjoy, rather than a full-time gardening project.

The Garden

The garden is a long rectangle, measuring 25m long x 6.5m wide, and it can be a real sun trap at times, so Danny and Caroline would like to make the most of the space.

The Challenge

As the garden is long and narrow, Kevin needs to create interesting spaces throughout the garden to draw interest. Caroline and Danny describe their style as quite contemporary, and they love quirky details so they would really like Kevin to do something very different with their garden. Until now, Caroline and Danny's only time in the garden has been spent dealing with the copious amounts of weeds and occasionally enjoying a coffee on the deck. They love the idea of eating outdoors and are keen to incorporate a seating area into the garden.

The Design

Kevin's design is called "Off the Beaten Track" and this concept involves creating a pathway through the garden, leading from a large sandstone paved patio to a smaller sunken patio at the back of the garden. Kevin has incorporated unusual materials into his design, using galvanised steel walkways and rusted metal girders to illustrate his contemporary style. The central feature in the garden highlights this style; a water feature made from steel girders and a rusted metal chain.

Kevin's Guide to the Garden

Paddy's Review of Kevin's Garden