Programme 5

Designer: Fiachra Flannery

Fiachra Flannery has always been interested in garden design, and won a competition to help Diarmuid Gavin build his award winning garden at Chelsea 2005. Fiachra wants to take part in Super Garden to challenge himself (he thrives on pressure) and to prove that he can design and build a garden on time and on budget.

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The Shawyer Family

The Shawyer, Steve, Yvonne and their three young children, Adam, Samuel and Sophia, have just completed renovating their house in Limerick. They have lots of ideas for their garden but cannot pull them together. They want a family friendly garden - low maintenance and safe. The adults would like an area to sit out and relax, the very lively children need an activity area that does not encroach on the style of the garden, and they would like a very small organic area to teach the children how to grow vegetables.

The Garden

The large L-shaped garden is on view from every angle through glass windows in the kitchen extension so the completed garden would have to create a unified visual impact from within the house. In its current state the garden provides a great canvas: it is flanked by a reclaimed Belfast red brick to the back and a traditional grey stone wall to the side.

The Challenge

The most important thing for Yvonne is that the garden is family friendly, i.e. that the structures and materials used make it safe for lively young children to run around. In terms of style, they like structural planting and are inspired by French gardens and planting schemes. The want specific places of purpose within the garden and would like a planting scheme that reflects the seasons.

The Design

Fiachra's design is simple yet stylish. It uses curved bounaries to create distinct areas of fuction while maintaining a unified appearance. Fiachra's clever native planting draws the eye around the garden.

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