Programme 4

Designer: Padraig O'Loughlin

47-year-old Padraig O'Loughlin, a Garda, a qualified carpenter and draftsman, and a keen artist creates gardens as a hobby. His favourite style of garden is Country/Rustic and he loves the colours and plants of Mexico.

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The Campbell Family

Dara, Trish and their children Alannah & Noah, a very loving young family live in Skerries. They have attempted for nearly 10 years to create a garden they can be proud of, yet the only thing they have grown is a large tree-fern. Their dream is to have a simple, private haven with lots of flowers, a place to just relax.

The Garden

Small garden is very sunny and sheltered form the wind, but not very private. The garden is neat but quite sparse. Their patio seems too large for their garden and they are not looking for an outdoor room - the Campbells want their garden to just be a garden.

The Challenge

Dara and Trish want a low-maintenance garden, a private space to relax. Their dream would be something that resembles Trish's grandmother's cottage garden which she remembers from childhood. Padraig needs to encourage the family out into the garden with his contemporary interpretaition of an old-fashioned cottage garden but in this sea-side setting.

The Design

Padraig's concept is to create a flowing garden with undulating curves and meandering waves. He wishes to create a sense of privacy for the family, and to recreate the spirit of Trish's granny's cottage garden, while also paying respect to the native planting of a seaside town. His planting reflects both that of a traditional cottage garden and also some robust seascape plants. His use of modern materials such as copper and mirrors puts a contemporary spin on his design.

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