Programme 3

Designer: Agata Mocior

Originally from Poland, Agata Mocior (28) has lived in South Co Dublin for the past three years. Agata's design style is very simple, incorporating clean straight lines, with structural hardscaping to define spaces, cleverly softened and pulled together by her artistic touch.

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The Family

Ann-Marie Murphy and Niall Gilmartin have both returned to college and live on a tight budget in their new-build comuter belt home in Maynooth. They live with their beloved Marley - a very lively three-year-old labrador.

The Garden

The garden is a 33x32ft rectangle which slopes away at the end, leaving them very uninspired. Ann-Marie and Niall would love a contemporary space to entertain, or to have some quiet private time to themselves. A garden that will fit them now and also as their circumstances change over the coming years.

The Challenge

Ann-Marie wants something a little different and artistic, a clean, fresh flowing space, but the garden also has to accommodate boistrous Marley. The garden has a steep slope and the aspect is perfect for evening sunshine.

The Design

Agata loves simple, contemporary designs with straight clean lines. Her design style is quite structural with strong use of hardscaping to create individual areas for entertaining, playing with the dog, and functionality. Agata's creative and artistic skills allow her to combine these disparate areas of use into one cohesive design.

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