Programme 1

Designer: Eimear McDonnell

25-year-old Eimear McDonnell has recently returned to Ireland after five years of studying and working abroad. A graduate of the Edinburgh College of Art with a MA (Hons) in Landscape Architecture, she specialised in the design of large-scale spaces, focusing on urban and regeneration design.

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The Kubath Family

Howth native Eimear was given the challenge of designing a garden for the Kubath family. Derek, Sarah and their teenage son Elliot have recently relocated from Galway to Mullingar and they found themselves faced with a dull, dreary garden in need of a makeover.

The Garden

The garden is 33x27ft and different parts of the garden are in sunlight at different parts of the day, creating an extra challenge when it comes to planting.

The Challenge

Sarah describes herself as a "solar-powered" woman and longed for a sunny escape where she could relax and garden, while the men of the household were looking for a modern garden which reflects their contempoary sense of style.

Thus Eimear faced the challenge of creating a stylish sun trap which would provide Sarah's green fingers with plenty to do!

The Design

Eimear's concept behind her design is the story of the rising sun, how in essence it brings new beginnings;" from the slow growth of colour, planting and structure to culminate into a space full of vitality, love and warmth. Eimear is a great believer in the importance of colour in a garden, and she used neutral colours on the boundary walls to create a sense of calm and space, along with a bold aubergine on the central structural wall.

Along with plants for colour, Eimear included a lot of fruit and herbs in her garden to keep Sarah busy, and the clean structural lines are bound to impress Derek and Elliot.

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