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Making Irish Sign Language programmes for RTÉ

What is subtitling?
Subtitling translates the spoken word into text or script, which appears at the bottom of the screen in time with the programme or film.

About the RT Subtitling Service
RTÉ offers an unrivalled subtitling service to Irish television audiences. During peak time - 6.30pm - 11.30pm - RTÉ subtitles up to 90% of programmes on RTÉ One and up to 60% of programmes on RTÉ2. See RTÉ Aertel page 888 to for details on accessing subtitles. See v Aertel page 344 for daily list of subtitle programmes on RTÉ One and RTÉ2.

Contact Us
As Ireland's Public Service Broadcaster, RTÉ prides itself in constantly improving and upgrading its subtitling service. RTÉ keeps in contact with deaf and hard of hearing viewers so that their recommendations can be considered and if possible implemented.

Experiencing Subtitle Issues?

The next time you're watching RTÉ One or RTÉ Two and you have subtitle problems

Text RTÉ at 087 7989128

Information you MUST include:

  1. What Channel is having problems? (RTÉ One or RTÉ two)
  2. What problem you're having
  3. What was the date?
  4. What time did the problem start?
  5. What is the name of the programme?
  6. What area you live in?
  7. What carrier you use (Satellite/Cable)

Example of what your text message should look like:

RTÉ One, "Subtitles are not on screen", 4th May 2010, 2.09pm, The Afternoon show, I live in Dublin 24 and use Sky

Making Irish Sign Language programmes for RTÉ

ITV SignPost has a rigorous training programme and we are committed to delivering the highest quality programme translations for RTÉ and their audience. All of our staff including freelance, are trained in-house at our purpose built HD studio's and in-vision signers are lead by SignPost's Deaf Team Manager, Joseph Sheridan.