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Programme 6

High Street, Kilkenny

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High Street in Kilkenny was once a hub of medieval Ireland.

Over the years various tourist festivals have brought in new faces and new money-making ideas.

Change has been keenly observed by the men and women who live and work on Kilkenny's main street.

Featured contributors:

Pat Shortis:
Pat had a hard time in school, and started working in the brewery at 14. He always loved music and when he retired started doing charity gigs for elderly people and in hospitals. He has received great recognition for all his charity work and was the Grand Marshall of the 2008 St. Patrick's Day parade.

Anne Ryan:
Anne entered into the family business at age 17 when her mother fell ill, and has made the small premise into something much more than just an electric shop. It's a place where the locals can come in and talk and share their problems. Anne thinks Kilkenny has changed too much - and not for the />
Jim Bourke:
Jim gave up the priesthood and became a tailor in the family business. He married but never had kids, and later sold the big drapery store. But retirement didn't last long - he needs his daily kick of chat with the locals and he now works for his former competitor.

Frank Kavanagh:
Frank had many different jobs on High Street, and was also an auxiliary fire fighter. He now works in Kilkenny Castle.