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On the Street Where You LiveRTÉ One, Friday, 8.30pm

Programme 4

O'Connell Street, Limerick

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Limerick people are passionate defenders of their city.

O'Connell Street was once famous for its churches and spires.

Now, local residents and workers talk of a new religion - Munster Rugby.

Featured contributors:

Thecla Hartmann:
Thecla saw the man who would become her husband for the first time on O'Connell Street, and later asked him to dance for 'Lady's Choice' in Cruises Hotel. Her husband persuaded her to join the family jewellery business, and she helped it thrive despite the challenges that came with being a business woman.

Joe Malone:
Joe is a regular of The White House Pub for 50 years or so, although now he just sticks to coffee. He fought in the famous Todds fire of 1959, but there has been tough times and he left Limerick in the 1980s as it was 'dead'. Joe returned from London 14 years later to find the place had become far too material, so he has his regrets!

Liam Hanley:
Liam spent his childhood living over Listons Medical Hall on O'Connell Street, which was run by his father. The building was demolished in 1962 - but his father kept the business going until its 100th year and 1 day anniversary.

Mark Liddy:
Mark a local historian and tour guide in Limerick.