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Clanbrassil Street, Dundalk

Click here to watch footage of the Opening of the Harp Factory, 1962.

Click here to watch footage of the Picket on Shops Selling Imported Shoes, 1975.

Click here to watch footage of the 19th Annual May Summertime Festival, 1983.

Click here to watch footage of the Clinton Visit to Dundalk, 2000.

Click here to watch footage of the Dundalk Riot, 1986.

In the recent troubled history of Ireland, Dundalk was border country.

Proximity to the North has brought good and bad times, both financially and politically.

Residents and workers on Dundalk's Clanbrassil Street have seen major events unfold right on their doorsteps.

Featured contributors:

Bernadette Kavanagh:
Bernadette has fond memories of one of the oldest shops on the street. Her grandparents ran Connell's drapery store and her brother inherited the shop. But Bernadette had her eyes set on a different life - she moved away to Dublin and married there. But when her brother passed away she inherited the shop and came back to Dundalk to take it over.

Harry Lee:
Harry worked all his life in the shoe trade, and hated every single day of it. When his wife died he realised he couldn't spend the rest of his life like that and fulfilled his dream of becoming a radio show host.

Eamonn Coleman:
Eamonn grew up over his dad's butcher shop and loved life on the street - but his life was shaken by the car bomb in 1975. He took over the running of the butcher shop when his dad got ill, but the Celtic tiger didn't touch every shop on Clanbrassil Street.

Hugh Smyth:
Hugh is a local historian who has fond childhood memories from Clambrassil Street.