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Episode 3 - Cambodia

Thursday 21 June 2007 10.45pm

Every year more than 10 million children die because they are poor - that's 28,000 a day, 1,150 an hour, 20 every minute or one child every 5 seconds.  

'Storybook' is about putting a human face to these staggering statistics.   Irish Times Journalist Kathy Sheridan visits Cambodia and meets children forced into child labour.

This is television at its most personal and moving.  It will also inform and educate people about children's lives in poor countries.

This series is about raising awareness about the real challenges that children face everyday in developing countries.  It is about bringing an Irish audience right into the life of a child who is dealing with what is for us unimaginable but in reality is very common.

'Storybook' tells the story of one specific child.

Tom Dunne in Brazil