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AND THE WINNER IS...LEANNE MOORE!! What a fantastic week end! Saturday night was the Semi Final of the competition and all of the girls were in flying form as they battled it out to secure their place in the Final on Sunday. Much to everyone's surprise a tearful Sharon Condon had to kiss her You're A Star dream good bye as she was bottom of the polls. Good luck Sharon we think you're a true star!!

Sunday night saw Leanne, Deirdre and Robyn in the Final. The atmosphere in the live audience was electric. The production team pulled out all the stops with costumes, hair and make-up. It was a tense few seconds at the end of the main show as Brian announced that Deirdre would be the next to leave. She was in high spirits as she wished the remaining two the best of luck. Leanne and Robyn went straight to make-up to fix their mascara and dry up their tears of excitement! While Leanne was getting her hair done she was desperately listening to her walkman to learn the lyrics for her last song as she really didn't think she would make it through to sing it.bless! The girls were very supportive of each other as they waiting to go on stage one last time. Robyn did a fantastic version of "Valerie" and Leanne sang "Lets Stay Together". After what seemed like an eternity Brian delivered the result of the winner of You're A Star 2008! Leanne Moore was visibly shocked and overwhelmed when Brian called out her name. She finished the show with "Piece My Heart" and struggled to get the words out as her friends and family stormed the stage to celebrate!

So there you have it You're A Star is over and what journey it has been!! I reckon we'll be seeing a lot more from the talent showcased on this series! Tune in one last time to You're A Star Plus this Saturday where you'll get to see all the past contestants the final interviews as they experienced the emotional rollercoaster that was the Final!

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Hi Everyone!

In response to some of our more opinionated Bloggers You're A Star Plus would like to state that we welcome everyone's point of view. If you disagree with some of our viewers opinions why not send in your own blog and we will publish your response. I look forward to discussing all the ins and outs of each show. Keep the comments coming!

Love Sinead x


Great soul voice; enjoy listening to you on Sunday.
If you haven't heard of Robert Cray, please check out some of his stuff (Leave well enough alone from his album "Shame and a Sin" is perfect for your voice). All of his stuff drips with soul and would really suit you. Check it out...

Keep up the good work..


hey ur a star!
i luv d show its gr8! lol! d outfits the girls wear are fab! who picks them?! wb Aifric xox


Dear Aifric,
Our lovely stylist Mary Fay and her funky assistant Claire help all the acts to pick outfits each week. They listen to their song choices and select outfits that suit the style of the song and the contestant's personal style. Check out our bebo site at for more details on these fab outfits!
Sinead x


Shame on you for voting off Peter!! He is by far the best singer on the show and a real star. Looks like you will keep the dolly-birds there regardless of whether they can sing or not. We thought the show was about singing and not mini skirts and the likes. These girls you kept in last week finish at the Helix regardless of whether they win or not. They cannot sing in comparison to Peter and are in no way musical, just strumming on their electric guitars. I am from a Musical Family and do know what I am talking about. This is what happens every year, the best are voted off by the panel or criticised by the panel of judges. Wake up or get off!!


Just wondering if you can tell me where Robyn Kavanagh got her beautiful white and black dress that she wore on tonights you're a star. I love the dress and she looked and sounded amazing, I voted for her 4 times!!
Jenny Larkin.


Hi there,
Would it be possible for you to tell me where Sacha Murphy and Catherine
Harding got their dresses for the show lastnight?
Thanks a mill,


Hi you're a star plus do you think they will bring back contestants as a wildcard?
I love the show, it's very good. There must be a lot of people putting a lot of time and effort in the show.Is it really live? My friend says its not but I says it is.
PS, Julie Gallagher was brilliant!


Hi sinead!
I luv de show this bredan O'Conor really as mean in real life as he is on de telly?? Ps. I luv black Daisy, they rock....come on de girls!!!!!
Ciara Lynch


Dear Starplus,
Is there a songcontest for starplus and how do I enter it. Also are there some other song contests around Ireland that I can enter. Thank you for reading my email and replying. I now live in England.
Philomena Sheridan



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