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Catherine Harding

Catherine Harding

Hi everyone, I'm Catherine Harding, I'm 17 and I'm from a little village in Tipperary called Ardcroney. I've been living here for 7 years and I absolutely love it.

I have been singing ever since I can remember, but I never thought I was any good. I decided to enter You're A Star for the first time last year when I was 16 but my nerves let me down and I didn't make it to the Helix. At the time I was so disappointed but when I look back now I'm glad that I didn't get through as I don't think I was ready and wouldn't have made the most of the opportunity.

This year I decided to try again, and I'm so glad that I did. Despite a few hiccups and my nerves letting me down in the Cork auditions, I finally made it through to bootcamp in Galway.

There have been so many great moments for me so far but the best was the last night of bootcamp. It was late when we were told who was going to the Helix and who was gone. I hadn't performed my best and the talent in the competition this year is fierce so I had myself convinced that I was gone. When it was my time to find out Brendan just told me I was through. I was so shocked but it was the best feeling ever. For anyone wondering what bootcamp was really like, it was wonderful!!! It was hard work but in the end we all had a ball.

I love all sorts of music and couldn't say I like any particular style. Even though I wouldn't be the biggest fan of heavy metal but I love the song Nothing Else Matters by Metallica so I like bits of everything really. My all time favourite song is Arms Of An Angel, it has a very emotional meaning to me as it reminds me of a very close uncle to me that passed away a few months ago.

In my spare time I love to go shopping........!!!! Doesn't every girl??? There are some nice shops where I live and if I really feel like treating myself it's off to Limerick for a long day of shopping followed by some great junk food, which always hits the spot. I also love going to hurling matches as it's such a great game. There is always a brilliant atmosphere especially when my local team wins and we go socialising, it's brilliant.

So that's it! I've told you about most of my You're A Star story so far. It really has been a journey and a hard fight for my place at times but I'm glad I've had to fight for my place in the Helix because it has made me realise how much it really does mean to me and how much I want it, I really need your votes to stay in the competition so please vote for me!!!

xx xx


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