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So You Want To Be FamousRTE One, Thursday, 10.15pm

About The Show

So You Want to be Famous? is a sharp, entertaining and revealing three part  documentary series on the phenomenon of Irish celebrity. Presented by Brian Dowling, this is the ultimate insider's guide to becoming famous, investigating what makes a celebrity tick - Irish style.

So you want to be famous? But do you have the right credentials to make it? Do you have the drive, the looks, the connections, that unique je ne sais quoi, the ego, the charm, the thick skin, the common touch, the thirst for power, the brass neck, the killer instinct?

The programmes will feature a rich blend of anecdotes, memories, revelations and personal experiences from a cast of pundits and celebrities, accompanied by compelling archive material - those moments that we are all dying to see again. Also journalists and expert commentators blow the whistle on some of the most bizarre journeys to celebrityhood: the decisions, scandals, tricks, stunts, rows, feuds, secret deals and extraordinary characters that colour the Irish social scene.

Each programme will focus on different steps on the journey to celebrity; providing invaluable advice on: avoiding the pitfalls, playing the game, knowing who's in and who's out, surviving the social scene, managing the scandals, dealing with the media, coping with criticism, understanding the difference between personality and show and getting your competition before they get you.

As a result, us mere mortals will get a unique and compelling insight into how the Irish social system actually works -  how our celebrities rise and fall.