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Episode 4

Six In The City
Six In The City
Six In The City
Six In The City

Three more socially incompatible couples compete to show each other the ultimate 'Big Night Out'.

Night One: Mailo and Stan Power from Waterford

The opening weekend is hosted by the more mature owners of the Athenaeum Hotel in Waterford. This is a country-house style hotel overlooking the port city. Mailo is also a part time painter who sometimes works through the night to finish her latest picture. Stan's big passion is cycling.

The unusual start for the visiting couples is that they are being welcomed to a rather grand, plush-looking building in beautiful surroundings as both Mailo and Stan live in the hotel as well as owning it! When Paddy Byrne and Natalie Divine from Athlone arrive, Mailo is aghast and agog at Natalie's dress, or rather the lack of it! Dublin duo Tracy and Phillip McDonnell are equally in awe of their first host's venue when they arrive for the first meeting between all three couples.

Will glass blowing, gastronomic eating and a bit of traditional music thrown in for good measure impress the visiting couples?

Night Two: Paddy Byrne and Natalie Divine from Athlone

The pressure is on Paddy and Natalie to prove they know how to party when the couples arrive in Athlone. But the day does not start too well for the midland hosts when Paddy organises canapés with caviar even though he has never tasted it. When he does, he soon realises why it's not part of his regular nights out - he thinks it's too fishy.

Despite being in landlocked Athlone the couples are soon all at sea, well the River Shannon anyway! Back on terra ferma it's off to a local petting farm! Afterwards they dine and in the midst of their meal, the hosts introduce a bowl of bingo balls that all contain some rather revealing questions. Well revealing if the couples answer their designated question truthfully. Will this truth or dare game pay off for the Athlone couple?

Night Three: Tracy and Philip McDonnell from Dublin

When the couples arrive to Dublin they are greeted by Hells Angels - who are friends of Tracy and Philip! But despite being worried about her hair, make-up and nails, Natalie proves to be a dab-hand at biking and gets a lesson at the controls. For some strange reason, Paddy is not greeted as warmly by his biker guardian - Animal.

The couples travel the short distance into the city centre and top celeb night spot Lillies Bordello from some daytime belly dancing lesson. Stan embraces it more than most would expect as he performs a rather robust belly roll!

Dinner is a one dish wonder - coddle! Stan seems to be starving, so much so that he goes for a second serving. Even though he describes it as vile.

After a burlesque show in the The Sugar Club the night ends in The Gypsy Rose bar on Dublin's south quays. But as they night draws to a close, the Six In The City envelope is opened to reveal the winners of the show.

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