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Episode 2

Six In The City
Six In The City
Six In The City
Six In The City

In this episode three Dublin-based pairings vie to prove their version of Dublin is best.

Night One: Angela Maphosa and IB Sanni:

First out of the traps is Angela and IB. He's a cage fighter/rapper and she is a dance-obsessed waitress. Their night doesn't start well when Angela's work gets in the way of fun and delays her arrival to greet the visiting couples.

But, things improve when their party bus arrives and they also pick up some extra passengers en route around Dublin city as IB's raucous rapping mates jump aboard.

From there they head into Thunder Road Cafe where the night starts to be fleshed out, in more ways than one, as the boys' buns get exposed thanks to a spot of mooning! Just what you want over a rump steak.

Clothes go back on, but not for long, as they head to celeb-central nightspot, Krystle. The night ends with naked pool playing...

Night Two: Eileen Callaghan and Peter Whelan:

Eileen and Peter throw open the doors to their north-Dublin home and introduce a first for Irish television - their cat uses their toilet just as they do! This has to be seen to be believed.

For dinner they board the Cill Airne floating restaurant docked quayside at Dublin's Convention Centre. The tables are turned on IB whose muscle flexing is swapped for some gut wrenching as his sea legs fail him and he throws up before dinner.

The end of night sees the spotlight turned on all three couples as they become the butt of the joke thanks to the comedians at the Laughter Lounge but the couples deliver the punch lines during their voting.

Night Three: Jules Chambers and Georgie Tracey:

In part three and we meet tattooed petrol head, Jules, who is a modified car maniac and his girlfriend, part-time glamour model, Georgie.

After a racing start it's back to the city confines and dinner in a Japanese restaurant where flipping eggs is all part of the culinary experience.

Then they go back in time, well for the time warp bit anyway, as the revellers head to the Rocky Horror Show in the Sugar Club.

Finally, the writing could be on the wall for Jules and Georgie, or on the arms of their visiting couples, as they take them for a late night tattoo but not everyone is ready to ink their love of the night in an everlasting way as the winners are revealed.

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