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Six In The City

Every City and Large Town in Ireland offers myriad opportunities for a big night out. But every couple living in that area has their own idea of what constitutes the perfect 'Blow Out'. For Mr & Mrs 40-Something from Drumcondra it might be an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet in their local Curry-oake House in Capel St with Sing-a-longa-Bollywood and a Crate of BYO Beer followed by 5 games of Bingo in Cabra . For Derek & Diana Dubarry Deckshoes from Dalkey it's Sushi & Sashimi, a single perfectly shaken Cocktail in The Shelbourne, a night at The National Concert Hall followed by a nightcap and a game of bridge in the hushed environs of Tim's Private Members Club. For a pair of Rathmines Rockers it's free finger-food and a few pull-your-own pints in The Baggot Inn, a go on The Cosmic Coaster in Dr Quirkys, a mosh at a Death Metal Gig in Fibber Magees and a final late-night leer in a basement lap dancing club on Dame St.

Now imagine our 40-Something Marrieds, our Dalkey Yachties and our Rathmines Rockers are all about to spend three nights on the town... TOGETHER! Each of them in turn treating the other two couples to their own version of the perfect couples BIG NIGHT OUT. Impossible in the real world of tight social streaming, but in the socially engineered world of TV - unmissable!

Six In The City is a Reality TV Comedy of Manners as the couples terrorise each other with their hilariously mismatched social agendas. As nights out progress, strained politeness turns to incredulity, incredulity to annoyance, annoyance ratchets up into anger and anger to all out war!! Six In The City is cast with an eye for strong, opinionated, sociable but socially incompatible couples. It's constructed and narrated for maximum conflict and ultimax comic effect. It has the potential to make Come Dine With me look like a series of tea parties on a convent lawn...

Six In The City opens with an introduction to each competing couple. We see them at home together, they talk about how they met, what they do, we see them at work, they talk about their hobbies and interests and we see them at play - but crucially we don't catch a glimpse yet of how they like to spend their social lives.

The V/O flags that Mr & Mrs Fortysomething will host the first Big Night Out and we see the 3 couples meeting for the first time at the rickety Backstreet Curry 'n Karaoke House they favour, with crates of lager under the table and a sing-a-longa Bollywood session in full swing.

We follow the 2 guest couples' reaction to the food, the setting, the enjoinders to sing. The night progresses to the Bingo Hall and on to The Disco Bar. We chart the inter-couple tensions, the petty snubs and snobberies. On parting, at the close of the nights' 'festivities' the two guest couples score the night's entertainment - on an enjoyment scale of 1 to 6. The host couple in their turn score their guest's level of involvement from 1 to 6 and, on parting, they all react separately on camera to their experiences. The Big Night Out is repeated as our Dalkey Yachties and finally Rathmineshost their perfect evenings. At close of show the highest scoring couple wins their own tailor-made International Big Night Out.

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