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Presenter - Eddie Hobbs

Eddie Hobbs

These days Eddie Hobbs is a household name, thanks firstly to Show Me The Money but also to a TV programme called Rip off Republic. Rip Off Republic was a phenomenon in TV terms, Its final programme pulled in 838,000 viewers - in August!!! But well before those heady days Eddie was an active consumer advocate.

Eddie has over two decades of experience as a financial advisor. Through his career he has championed various consumer cause. He is credited with exposing the failings of the Endowment Mortgage market in Ireland through his report Endowment Mortgages - The Home Truth which was published in 1993. He is also credited with forcing the compulsory disclosure of commissions in the insurance trade.

Eddie is a longstanding Council Member of the Consumer Association of Ireland and their spokesperson on personal finance. In 2004 he was appointed to IFSRA's Consumer Panel by the Minister for Finance Brian Cowen and in 2005 Enterprise Minister Micheal Martin appointed Eddie to the board of the new National Consumer Agency.