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Show Me The Money Revisited

Episode 8 - Angela
Has barrister, Angela Leahy, decided to stay in Ireland? Has she got an income and more importantly has she bought any more shoes?

Episode 7 - Trish
Has Trish managed to change her work/life balance?

Episode 6 - Mo
Has Dingle business-woman, Mo Cawley, managed to triple her turnover?

Episode 5 - The Delaney Family
Have the Delaney family realised their financial dream?

Episode 4 - Eddie
Has Eddie McGuinness sharpened his entrepreneurial skills since Eddie's last visit?

Episode 3 - Maria
Eddie put this Cavan farmer's daughter on a spending diet, but has she stuck to it?

Episode 2 - Gillian
21 year old Gillian was spending half her net income on booze but Eddie put her on a spending diet. We catch up with her 18 months later to see if she has reaped the benefits.

Episode 1 - The Carton Family
The Carton family seemed on the cusp of financial ruin when Eddie met them last time. How are they now?

Show Me the Money - Series 3

Episode 12 - Brendan and Sue
Brendan and Sue live in Firhouse with their two children, and want to start their own business.

Episode 11 - Valerie Healy
Valerie Healy is a single mother who lives with her four-year-old daughter in Ratoath, Co Meath.

Episode 10 - Niall and Evelyn
This week we meet a Galway couple, Niall and Evelyn, who are doing their best to make sure they don't end up with a big financial headache after their big day.

Episode 9 - John and Connie May
Eddie meets John and Connie May, a Cork couple, who recently adopted their daughter, Sarah, from Vietnam.

Episode 8 - Sean and Siobhan
Eddie heads west to meet Sean and Siobhan O'Grady in Louisburgh, Co Mayo. Sean tends shellfish on the seashore but his oyster farm isn't making enough to keep the family afloat.

Episode 7 - Alice and Dave
Alice and Dave live with their two children in Walkinstown in Dublin and, at the moment, everything is fine.

Episode 6 - Sam
Eddie advises a Dublin entrepreneur who is struggling to make a buck.

Episode 5 - Shane and Barbara
According to their own budgets, Shane and Barbara spend €10,000 a year less than they earn, so why have the called in Eddie?

Episode 4 - Caroline
Caroline is 26 years old and from Naas. What will she do with the lump sum she's about to receive?

Episode 3 - Natalie and Oisin
Natalie and Oisin got married at 19 and now have two kids. In their early 20s they have a lifestyle that looks good to they eye.

Episode 2 - Tom and Tricia
The 'big day out' in May added to this couple's big pile of debt.

Episode 1 - Karena
Karena is a 30 something year old fun-loving, belly-dancing, latte-supping overspender. This addiction counsellor has blown thousands on holidays, clothes, a fancy motor and nights out with the girls.