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Series 4, Episode 8

St. Louise's Junior School in Ballyfermot, Dublin 10, has a problem - like many previous participants on Show Me the Money the school spends more than it earns and has called Eddie Hobbs in to creatively tackle the shortfall.

Principal, Kathryn Crowley, is already running a tight ship - seeking deals on everything from photocopying to insurance to toilet paper. The core costs are running at around eighty-seven grand while the school's income, in the form of capitation grants from the Department of Education, is just over fifty thousand.  The school does avail of relevant schemes offered by the DOE - summer works, early start etc - but the funding received in these schemes is ringfenced i.e. cannot be moved around to pay the gas bill.

The school also works hard at fundraising - relying on parents and local businesses. Raffles and cake sales are all very well when raising extra funds for computers or art projects but it's daunting to fundraise to turn on the lights.

Eddie's facing a tricky situation - a limited income stream which doesn't meet the costs - and he's looking for a lateral solution to the problem. A problem which faces many schools nationwide. Eddie investigates a commercial solution to the problem - could the school invest its way to a new source of income which would meet the deficit in running costs.