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This is the programme about you, your money and what you do with it. Each week a different set of participants bravely open their hearts, wallets and bank accounts to the nation. Their financial situations are diverse and each provides a different challenge for Presenter Eddie Hobbs. Eddie's job is to examine each subject's financial situation, to ascertain what kind of a future each person wants for themself and to then set out a financial plan that will help them on their way.

In some cases people simply want to dig their way out of debt, others want to be able to buy their house, others want to be able to keep their house, others have a windfall to invest and others just need to break their addiction to spending, spending, spending. For the participants of course this requires sacrifice, willpower and a lot of tough "head versus heart" decisions. Will they accept Eddie's plan? Will they succeed in implementing it or will they occasionally succumb to temptation? What happens if they ignore Eddie's advice? And what happens when one member of the family just isn't pulling their weight?

Over 12 weeks each set of participants is observed as they try to implement the plan. Eddie visits them on three separate occasions. He assumes the role of cajoler, enforcer and negotiator in chief. When they fall off the wagon he is there to encourage them back on again.

Show Me The Money is produced by Independent Pictures for RTÉ.