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Danann and Kathriona introduce SCOPE from Tokyo in Japan

Danann and Kathriona search Tokyo for the best high-tech gadgets

Singer Pinky gets reunited with his Transformers

Danann meets ASIMO and other robots in Japan

Kathriona visits Bell Labs to find out about its many inventions

Danann finds a mobile phone that he can watch TV on

Kathriona finds out the technology behind the latest Japanese super fast bullet train

Dr Rocks demonstrates how the kitchen of the future might work

Danann and Kathriona discover the high tech features of Japanese toilets

A profile of engineer Jennifer Moore who works at Fujikin in Japan

Danann and Kathriona check out some high-tech security gadgets at Japan's Panasonic Centre

Danann and Kathriona decide which gadget that they have found in Japan is the best